Fair Trade Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls in Draw String Bags

Each worry doll is about 25mm (1 inch) long and is surprisingly detailed and decorated with Guatemalan fabrics. They are supplied in sets of six in a fabric draw string bag in traditional Guatemalan designs.

Many children and adults find worry dolls a great comfort. You can buy single bags or larger quantities at discounted prices. As the dolls are small and contain wire they are not suitable for small children. All of of our worry dolls are fair trade products.

Worry Dolls in Bags

Prices and ordering of Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry Dolls in a Wooden Box

In the folk tradition of Guatemala in Central America, children use these worry dolls to remove their worries. Before going to bed they tell a worry to each of the Guatemalan dolls. In the morning the children wake up without their worries, which have been taken away by the dolls during the night.

Each hand decorated box holds five or six little worry dolls and a slip of paper telling the story of Guatemalan worry dolls (or worry people). Because of postage costs we only sell boxed worry dolls in dozens.

Worry Dolls in Boxes

Guatemalan Worry Dolls

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Large Guatemalan Worry Dolls

We have some larger Guatemalan Worry Dolls which are available singly or in fives. They are 5 to 6 cm (over 2 inches) tall. They can be supplied as they are but you can also buy them with a fabric drawstring bag.

Like the smaller worry dolls, they contain wire so are not suitable for small children.

Drawstring bags are suitable for large Guatemalan worry dolls. We have special prices where a bag is purchased with worry dolls.

Large Worry Dolls

Prices and ordering of Guatemalan Worry Dolls

Guatemalan Worry Doll Hairslides

We now have some hair slides incorporating worry dolls which are available in two sizes.

Worry Dolls in Bags

Guatemalan Worry Dolls in Hospitals and Schools

We have heard some anecdotal evidence about the successful use of Guatemalan worry dolls in hospitals and in schools. Several hospitals are using them in children's wards particularly where serious illnesses such as cancers are being treated to calm children and remove some of their worries.

In education they are also being used in schools and units for children with behavioural problems. The worry dolls have apparently helped with underlying problems in children's lives that have adversely affected their learning and behaviour.

So far we have only seen anecdotal accounts. We would be very interested to hear about any research or studies on the use of Guatemalan worry dolls in therapeutic settings. If you have any links to articles, papers or dissertations please let us know.

Prices and ordering of Guatemalan Worry Dolls

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Worry Dolls in Bags

Draw Strings Bags

Worry Dolls in Bags