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Orthoceras fossils

Salt lamps

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Paua shell rings and pendants

Guatemalan Worry Dolls


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Sound in our On Line Shop

Frosted crystal singing bowls

Clear crystal singing bowls

Practitioner singing bowls

Tibetan bowls

Chimes - tinshas and aura chimes

Cushions and mats for singing bowls

Playing sticks for bowls



Pan pipes

Thunder shakers

Musical animals - frogs, owls, ducks, guiros, ocarinas

Rain sticks

Wind chimes

Crystals in our On Line Shop


Polished crystal shapes






-worry stones


-scrying mirrors

-paua shells

-rune sets

-dragons eggs and wands

Tumble stones

Salt lamps

Mineral specimens

Boxes and oil burners


Clusters and points

Crystal Kaleidoscopes

Jewellery in the On Line Shop

Friendship bracelets


Pewter pendants

Silver and crystal pendants

Mood rings and mood pendants

Dichroic glass pendants

Fair trade jewellery

Guatemalan Worry Dolls in the On Line Shop

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Angels in the On Line Shop

Angel worry stones

Angel figurines

Angel boxes and dishes

Angel bumper stickers

angel confetti

Angel key rings

Other angels - lapel pins and fridge magnets

Buddhist Items in the On Line Shop

Buddhist prayer wheels

Buddhist prayer flags

Stone Buddhas

Metal Buddhas

Carved Wooden Buddhas

Crystal Buddhas

Moving Tigers Games (Bagha Chal) in our On Line Shop

Fairies in our On Line Shop

Animals in our On Line Shop

Wooden animals

Green man plaques

Carved crystal animals

Cow Parade

Dog Parade

Trail of the Painted Ponies

Wooden gifts in the On Line Shop

Wooden key rings

Wooden money boxes

Wooden bookmarks

Wooden fridge magnets

Tree Free Noteables Greeting Cards in our On Line Shop

Dogs and cats cards

Horses cards

Mystical cards

Butterlies and dragonflies cards

Wild animal cards

Faery cards

Famous artist cards

Chrystalline frameable card

Incense in our On Line Shop

Nag Champa, ash catchers and smoke boxes

Fabric Bags in our On Line Shop

Orgone Gifting in our On Line Shop

Bargain Corner in our On Line Shop

Balinese pencils

Glass candle holders

Soft toys

Pewter candle holders

Blank craft greetings cards

Fractal greetings cards