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Aqua Koshi Chime - Water Energy

Aqua Koshi Chime - Water Energy

Aqua - Water energy - aqua (pale blue) colour

Notes A D F G A D F A

Koshi chimes are tuned so that each design plays harmoniously with any other.

Koshi Chimes are handmade and beautiful chimes produced in France at the foot of the Pyrenees. The body of the chime is made from bamboo veneers to make a strong but light tube to add to the resonance of the chimes.

Each Koshi chime has eight precisely tuned metal chimes which are silver soldered to a ring attached to the bottom of the resonance tube. The tuning produces a lovely sound with clear tones and rich overtones.

Koshi chimes are in four individually tuned versions attuned to the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water called Terra, Aqua, Aria and Ignis. They can be bought individually or as a set of four.

You can play the chimes by holding the cord and gently moving it to produce a crystalline and relaxing sound. They can also be hung up so that a breeze will play the sounds.

The cylindrical bamboo resonance tube 16.5cm high and 6cm diameter (6.5 x 2.4 inches). The cord is 10cm long (4 inches) and the overall height is 34cm (13.3 inches). Each chime is supplied in a box.

They can be used outside but must be protected under the eaves of a house and regularly oiled.

Price: 39.95