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Natural Deodorant Stone - 60g Deokrystal Stick

Natural Deodorant Stone - 60g Deokrystal Stick

Natural Deokrystal deodorant stone in a plastic case. This is an environmentally friendly chemical-free shaped piece of alunite (alumstone) crystal. It is thought that the ancient Egyptians and Chinese knew of the deodorising properties of this stone. The 60g (over 2 oz) piece of stone is 35mm high and 30mm diameter (1.4 x 1.2 inches) and fitted into the plastic base which is designed to be held while using. A screw on dome screws onto the base to cover the stone when not in use.

To use apply like a roll-on deodorant rubbing against your arm pits while they are still damp after a bath or shower. Alternatively the stone can be dampened with tap water before applying.

This is very long lasting and can last for up to a year. The plastic dome should be replaced after use.

Price: 2.95