How to Use Crystal Singing Bowls

Frosted and Clear Crystal Bowls
Selection of Frosted and Clear Crystal Bowls

Crystal singing bowls have several uses – for healing, meditation, space clearing or to use as a musical instrument. This post will deal with each of these in turn.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and Healing

Many people use crystal bowls alongside healing systems such as Reiki or with treatments such as aromatherapy or reflexology. The sound produced by bowls seems to work on the energy system of the human body balancing clearing and grounding. Some people use bowls at the end of a healing session where it can provide a calming end to the treatment. Others prefer to start by playing bowls or using them at some point during the session. When to use the sound of singing bowls is best left to the therapist’s intuition and knowledge of how their therapy works best.

Some people want to use particular bowls with specific notes although we feel that any bowl will do good work regardless of whether it is clear or frosted, large or small. It is advised to play singing bowls gently, at least initially, and to be guided by the reaction of the person receiving the treatment or therapy.

The energy of crystal bowls can be directed or modified using crystals and other techniques which we will cover in another post.

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Meditation and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

One of the main difficulties people find with meditation is unwanted thoughts that appear. All too often one thought leads to another and the person meditating only becomes aware of these thoughts after several minutes.

Playing a bowl produces a sound which the person meditating will be aware of, but this sound seems to inhibit thoughts. The bowl should be played very gently so that the sound is not overwhelming or too intense. The sound does not necessarily need to continue throughout. Bowls can be played for a few minutes at the beginning to help all of the people get into the meditation. At the end the sound of a crystal bowl can gently end the meditation without anyone needing to speak. This technique works well equally well with groups of people.

Space Clearing with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound is a well known technique for space clearing and improving the energy in rooms. Some people prefer to move the bowl around the room to play in different position. Because of the power of crystal bowls, there is really no need to do this. The bowl can be played to work on all areas of the room or space that you are clearing.

Space clearing needs to be repeated at regular intervals.

Crystal Singing Bowls as Musical Instruments

Glass Harmonica or Armonica invented by Benjamin Franklin
Glass Harmonica or Armonica

Benjamin Franklin invented the glass harmonica or armonica using a series of tuned glass bowls mounted on a shaft operated with a treadle.  Mozart, Beethoven and many others composed pieces incorporating this instrument.

Some people now use crystal bowls alongside other musical instruments.  If you want bowls to be accurately tuned to a particular note please get in touch and we can let you know which bowls are most closely tuned.

Having said this, something about the quality and complexity of the sound of crystal bowls mean that they often break the rules of harmony. Playing combinations of notes that would be discordant on other instruments often produces interesting harmonies.

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