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We have natural deodorant stones for sale. The stone is totally natural and has been shaped to be easy to use. This particular stone has natural deodorant properties by inhibiting bacteria which are the cause of body odour.

Deokrystal Stone Deodorants in Our Shop

Natural Deodorant Stick - DeoKrystal
Natural Deodorant Stick – DeoKrystal

To use DeoKrystals the outer plastic cover is unscrewed. It can be applied to your skin directly after showering or bathing. If your skin is dry the stone should be wetted under a tap. The stone is then rubbed onto the underarm rather like a roll-on deodorant. After use the plastic cover should be replaced.  Deokrystals are very long lasting and economic to use.

We occasional are able to offer loose deodorant stones which are supplied in a drawstring bag.  At the moment we have none in stock but we hope to have them again in the future.

Natural Deodorant Stone in Bag
Natural Deodorant Stone in Bag


Deokrystal Stone Deodorants in Our Shop

About the Stone

The stone is potassium aluminium sulphate sometimes known as potassium alum. It is a naturally occurring mineral and deodorant stones have no added ingredients such as alcohol or perfume. It does not leave white stains on clothing as some chemical deodorants do.

Deokrystal Stone Deodorants in Our Shop

Historic Uses of Potassium Aluminium

There is a long history of using this mineral for a variety of uses. In the past it hhas been used as a mordant in dying to fix colour in fabrics or leather. It has properties that purify water and it is especially to clarify lakes after storms have swept contaminants into the water. The powdered mineral combines with particles of contaminants so that they precipitate out and fall to the bed of the lake. It was formally used in the production of photographic films and as a fire retardant for fabrics.

Medicinally it has been long known to be an astringent, antiseptic and deodorant. It has also been used to treat minor cuts and for soothing sore skin.

In Ayurvedic medicine it is called phitkari or saurashtri and in traditional Chinese medicine its name is ming fan.

Deokrystal Stone Deodorants in our Shop