Black Obsidian Scrying Mirrors

For scrying many people choose to use black obsidian scrying mirrors. Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass. For scrying it is important that the obsidian used for making the mirrors is completely black without faults or blemishes.

A lot of obsidian has white spots or bands of grey. We have been able to source some mirrors made from Mexican obsidian which is of excellent quality and free of faults. The obsidian is cut into slices and polished all round so that the mirrors are double sided and even the edges are polished.

Our most popular sizes of scrying mirror are between four and six inches (10 to 15cm). Some of the mirrors are round and others are oval in shape. Occasionally we have larger mirrors up to a foot in diameter (30cm). These are extremely beautiful and rare as they need to be cut from a very large piece of completely faultless black obsidian.

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Oval Oval black obsidian scrying mirror
Oval black obsidian scrying mirror

Using Black Obsidian Scrying Mirrors

The idea of the mirror is to give a blank surface allowing the person doing the scrying to enter a meditative state with the mind emptied of thoughts. You should look at the obsidian mirror letting the mind calm and allowing any thoughts to fade. Once in this state intuition and insight can appear. Although it is frequently thought of as a means of looking into the future many people use scrying to gain insight or to see shapes or symbols. As the mirrors are highly polished you need to look at it at an angle to avoid reflections.

Some people like to prop up the black obsidian scrying mirror. We recommend that you use a stand of some sort so that it is safely positioned. China shops sell clear perspex stands intended to display plates which are good and not distracting. Metal stands run the risk of scratching the obsidian. Other people prefer to use the mirror laid flat on a table.

Round black obsidian scrying mirror
Round black obsidian scrying mirror

Other Methods of Scrying

There are other ways of scrying using crystal balls, made of glass or quartz, the surface of a bowl of water, a sheet of black paper or card.   However, many people agree that using black obsidian scrying mirrors is the ultimate method of scrying.

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