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Mood Rings and Pendants

Mood rings

Mood Rings for Adults

Adults' mood rings change colour according to your Wavy Band Mood Ringbody temperature which indicates your mood and state of mind. These rings have a silver coloured finish in four sizes from 17 to 20mm internal diameter with an outer surface which changes colour to determine your mood. Mood rings are available in a plain and wavy bands.

We also have a range of mood ring designs with raised designs. They are the same diameters as the plain mood ring.

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Mood rings

There also mood rings with a shaped piece of mood stone (circles, hearts and ovals) mounted on a decorated metal ring. These rings are one adjustable size.

Mood Rings for Children

Mood rings

Children's mood rings change colour in the same way as adults' mood rings but have a different design as the ring is open to fit different finger sizes. The coloured surface has a choice of designs - butterflies, stars, hearts, dolphins and moons.

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Mood Ring Pendants

Mood Pendants

We also have several designs of pendants using the same colour changing technology. Many of these are on waxed cotton cords. Other designs use magnetic haematite beads which incorporate colour-changing mood ring like beads.

Prices and Ordering of Mood rings and Pendants in the On Line Shop

Mood Pendants

How Mood Rings Work

Mood rings have been around for over thirty years and people are often intrigued as to how they work. Part of the ring or pendant changes colour according to the wearer's skin temperature. Because people's emotional state is often accompanied by temperature changes this gives an indication of mood.

Prices and Ordering of Mood rings and Pendants in the On Line Shop

Science of Mood Rings

The colour changing mood ring is made from thermochromic liquid crystal. Liquid crystals are substances that have properties that are in between those of a liquid and crystal. They may be able to flow like a liquid but their molecules show a structure as a lattice or being aligned in a certain direction. They were used for developing liquid crystal displays (LCDs) as some liquid crystals could be changed by an electrical charge.

Thermochronic liquid crystals have colour changing properties dependent on heat. As temperatures vary the liquid crystal moves or twists. This allows it to absorb different wavelengths of light and so show different colours. The metal ring or pendant allows the easy transfer of temperature between the skin and the liquid crystal in the mood ring.

Mood rings

Prices and Ordering of Mood rings and Pendants in the On Line Shop

History of Mood Rings

Strips of plastic containing thermochronic liquid crystal were developed to easily read temperatures of children. A jewellery designer called Marvin Wernick saw a doctor friend using one of these and saw the possibilities of using this material in jewellery. Wernick placed pieces of liquid crystal in glass domes and mounted them on rings. Unfortunately for him he did not patent his idea and many people have copied it. Joshua Reynolds (related to the cigarette manufacturer) took this idea on and is reported to have sold a million dollars worth in three months.

Mood Pendants

Uses of Mood Rings

The temperature measuring uses of these liquid crystals have seen products developed for medical use (like the plastic 'thermometer' that first gave the idea of making mood rings), visual indicators of the temperature of refrigerators and tropical fish tanks. For most people mood rings are a fun jewellery item but other people have seen possibilities for more serious uses.

Mood rings

Biofeedback and Mood Rings

Reynolds marketed them as biofeedback devices. There is some anecdotal evidence that they can be used to help control panic attacks. Meditation techniques can be used to consciously calm a person's mood. These can be practised and the change of temperature indicated by the colour on the mood ring reinforces this. This is an example of biofeedback. When a panic attack is felt to be coming on, the meditation can be used to try to prevent it or to reduce its effects.