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Hexagonal Pendulum

We have a wide selection of pendulums including hexagonal, tear drop, Egyptian style, grape facetted and chakra bracelet.

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How to Use Pendulums for Dowsing

Dowsing pendulums can be used to answer questions where the answer is either yes or no. Firstly it is necessary to find out how your pendulum will indicate the answers. Some people prefer heavier crystal pendulums and others lightweight metal for their dowsing.

Hold the end of the chain with the pendulum hanging still below. Mentally ask the pendulum to give you a yes. Keep your mind blank and watch what the pendulum does. The dowsing pendulum may swing from side to side or circle in a certain direction. Note what it does. Stop the pendulum and repeat for a no. Once you are sure that you have the yes and no answers you can try asking the dowsing pendulum questions that you know the answers to, to give yourself confidence - Am I male? or Is my name _____?

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Asking Questions

You can now ask yes/no questions. It is very important that your mind is as clear as possible when you are dowsing as your conscious mind can influence answers. If you have an idea in your mind the pendulum may give an answer because a particular answer is in your mind or it is what you would like to hear. You should also not ask private questions about other people.

The dowsing pendulum can only answer things that are known. For instance you can ask whether you have passed an exam after it has been marked but before you are told because the answer is known to the examiner. If you tried asking before then, the pendulum may give indeterminate or conflicting answers.

One way of being sure that your mind does not interfere with dowsing is to write a series of questions on pieces of paper. Fold them up so the writing can not be seen. Use the dowsing pendulum with each piece of paper in turn asking "Is the answer to this question yes?"

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Another Method of Dowsing

Another method of dowsing is useful where you are trying to make the best choice between a series of options. For example you might be trying to choose one from a range of crystals or deciding which vitamin you most need. On a piece of paper draw a semicircle with a series of lines like spokes radiating out. In each space write the name of one of your options. Then hold the dowsing pendulum over the centre where the spokes meet, ask the pendulum to show which is the best choice. It will swing over one of the options. If you wish you can continue asking for 2nd, 3rd choices etc. Again you need to keep your mind clear.

Grape facetted pendulum

Grape facetted pendulums

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Chakra bracelet pendulum

Chakra pendulum bracelet available in quartz, rose quartz or amethyst.

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Egyptian style pendulum

Egyptian style pendulum

Metal spiral pendulum

We also stock some metal pendulums

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