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Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Frosted quartz singing bowls

Our high quality crystal singing bowls are made from pure quartz. They are supplied with a rubber ball palying stick and a rubber ring to keep the bowl steady while being played

We sell frosted crystal singing bowls from 10 to 18 inches diameter in a range of notes.

Larger bowls have a deeper pitch and a very long resonance.

This page has a section on How Bowls are Made

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How to Choose a Crystal Bowl

Crystal bowls can be used for ...

  • Healing
  • Chakra aligning and cleansing
  • Transmitting energy
  • Making Structured Water
  • Working on energy in rooms
  • Meditation
  • Colour healing
  • Clearing crystals
  • Energising the Physical and Energetic Bodies
  • Working with elixirs and tinctures
  • Playing as a musical instrument

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Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Clear quartz crystal bowls

Clear bowls are available in diameters from 130mm to 202mm (5 to 8 inches) and a range of notes. They are supplied with a playing stick and a rubber ring. Like the frosted bowls they are made from pure quartz but the process of manufacture is different. This page has a section on How Bowls are Made

Clear crystal bowls mostly have a higher pitch and a clear tone.

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How to Choose a Crystal Bowl

Quartz Practitioner Crystal Singing Bowls

Clear crystal practitioner bowls

Practitioner bowls are clear bowls mounted on a quartz handle. They are supplied with a playing stick. The handle is hollow so crystals for example can be placed inside and held in place with a cork.

How to Play Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Place the bowl symmetrically on its rubber ring. This helps to keep the bowl steady without dampening the vibration. Run the suede or ball stick around the outside (not inside) of the rim gently, evenly and with a firm pressure and the bowl will start to resonate. If you are producing jarring or rough tones you are moving the stick too quickly or using incorrect pressure against the rim. Excessive force or speed will produce unpleasant sounds and could damage a bowl even to the point of shattering. Never play a bowl so fast that the outer rim becomes blurred. On rare occasions and not always for any apparent reason quartz bowls have been known to shatter while they are being played. All quartz bowls are susceptible to this.

Prices and ordering in our On Line Shop

How to Choose a Crystal Bowl

Because of this it is wise to insure the bowl on a household insurance. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for this should it happen to you after you have bought one of our bowls. As mentioned before, this is a rare happening and has fortunately never happened to us although we have often done some of the things we are now warning against.

Golden Rules for Playing Bowls

  • Never play the bowl with excessive force
  • Do not hit the bowl with the stick. Tap lightly if you need to.
  • Carry it with your arms around it to protect it from walls and furniture.
  • Keep your bowls a foot apart from each other when playing.
  • Do not play a very large bowl in a very tiny room.
  • Play on the outside of the rim and not on the inside. Playing on the inside appears to increase the stress placed on the bowl.
  • Because shattering is a possibility never place your head in the bowl when it is resonating or place the bowl on top of someone when playing.

Playing the bowl in an anti-clockwise fashion brings in the feminine energy. It is best for you and anyone in the proximity of the bowl if you don't play it for longer than 15 - 20 minutes at a stretch. A 15 minute break is recommended to ensure that the energy field is not overloaded and everyone has a chance to assimilate the changes. The player often forgets that they are also receiving an energy treatment. Always have the highest intention in your mind at the outset of playing as the bowl becomes an extension of you while you play it.