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Guatemalan Worry Dolls - 12 Boxes (Fair Trade) Reduced Price

Guatemalan Worry Dolls - 12 Boxes (Fair Trade) Reduced Price

Special price for a dozen boxes which works out at about 75p per box.

Each decorated wooden box contains five or six small handmade dolls. The Guatemalan tradition is to tell the dolls your worries in the evening. You then put the dolls under your pillow and in the morning your worries will be gone!

Each doll is about 25mm (1 inch) long and surprisingly detailed. Not suitable for small children. These are sometimes known as Guatemalan worry people. Fair trade product.

These worry dolls are hand made with off cuts of fabric in Guatemala. They are not hemmed so are all different and may have odd threads which we think adds to their charm and individuality.

*** Because of increased postage costs we no longer sell boxes in quantities of less than 12. If you would like a specific number of boxes that is not an exact multiple of 12 please contact us and we will quote you a price for these ***

Price: 8.99