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*** SECONDS QUALITY *** Brass Travelling Moving Tigers Game (Bagha Chal) Larger Size

*** SECONDS QUALITY *** Brass Travelling Moving Tigers Game (Bagha Chal) Larger Size


The outer brass covering is quite uneven and marked with dark patches. The playing surface is fine and they are supplied with playing pieces and instructions as normal. Good for use if you want to play the game but unsuitable for gifts. Normal price £19.99.


Original description below:

Larger size brass covered , folding travelling board game for two people with brass tigers and goats. The inner playing surface is made of brass. The outer brass surface is of thinner metal covering the hinged wooden box which opens out to play the game.

Please note that the game is hand made in a rather rustic style. The outer brass in particular can have sharp corners, some unevenness or discoloured patches. The playing surface itself is made of thicker brass and is good to play on. The playing pieces are cast brass which is not polished. We have deliberately given what we consider is a blunt and honest description so that buyers have a good idea of the game before they order.

The rules of this game (Bagha Chal) are easy to learn but the game has great subtlety in the strategies needed. Full rules included. A brass box about19.5 x 10 x 3.5cm (7.7 x 4 x 1.5 inches) closed with a playing area about 19.5cm (7.7 inches square) when opened. Picture shows an opened box.

Price: 6.00

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