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Rain Sticks from Chile

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Rain SticksChilean rain sticks produce a gentle sound reminiscent of falling rain. They are available in three sizes the longest being a metre (over three feet) long.

Prices of Rain Sticks in the Online Shop

How Rain Sticks are Made

Produced in Chile, rain sticks are made from a length of cactus stem which is filled with small stones. The cactus stems used are from fallen, dead cacti so are made sustainably.

To make a rain stick, the spines on the outside of the stem are cut off and driven point first into the hollow cactus. Small pebbles are put inside and both ends of the cactus are blocked with pieces of wood.

When the rain stick is turned upside down the pebbles fall past the series of obstructions made from the cactus spines producing the sound of rain.

Longer rainsticks make a sound that is longer lasting as there are more pebbles and they have further to fall.

The colours and designs of the decorative woollen bands around the sticks vary.

Rain sticks are in three sizes 25cm, 50cm or 100cm long (about 10, 20 or 40 inches). The stems are fairly straight but sometimes have a gentle bend making each one individual.

Prices of Rain Sticks in the Online Shop

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